Students and instructors in front of an Academy van at Pepperwood Preserve.

2019 SSI interns at the Pepperwood Preserve.


Academy internships offer college students hands-on experience in our labs and collections while working alongside Academy scientists. The projects students begin or contribute to at the Academy are often valuable stepping stones toward careers in the natural sciences.

Summer Systematics Institute

People looking at specimens at tables in a museum

库博体育官网Gain hands-on experience while working alongside renowned scientists—and jump-start your career in natural sciences research—with an eight-week, museum-based, paid internship.

SSI offers undergraduates important insights into the contributions that collections-based research can make to critical issues such as worldwide threats to biodiversity, and the origins and diversification of life.


Biological Illustration Internship

Illustration of a leafy seadragon.

Collaborate with Academy scientists to develop publication-ready scientific illustrations of biological specimens during an eight-week, paid summer internship. Using ink, watercolor, and/or computer-assisted design, the Biological Illustration intern will learn how to present clear, accurate visual messages about scientific subject matter.


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Want to inspire school children, pin insects, classify specimens, or even help keep our animals healthy? Opportunities abound for qualified volunteers age 18 and older.

Looking for High School Opportunities?

Check out our Youth Programs, including the 库博体育官网 in Science internship for high school students.